Change the time in Minecraft 1.8

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Minecraft 1.8 brings some innovations with it, such as the creative mode. Often the night bothers you, because you can build better during the day or you prefer to fight with monsters at night. It's good when you can change the time.

Changing the Minecraft 1.8 world

In order to be able to make significant changes, you must either be an admin or have operator functions on a server.

  1. If you want to play alone, select the setting "max-players = 0" in the server under, then only the admin has access. That's good because maybe not everyone likes it when the time of the world changes.
  2. You can now enter the command "time add" in the console or "/ time add" in the game. To add the function of the time.
  3. Then set the time in Minecraft 1.8 with "Time set" and a number between 0 and 24,000.

It is possible that these commands are different for the servers. In a pinch you need to get a list of commands if these commands don't work.

Using Minecraft Console correctly - Instructions

Many do not know what to do with a console in Minecraft. The console is ...

Numerical values ​​and the time

The day is in Minecraft 1.8 divided into 24,000 units.

  • The 0 means dawn, if you choose this setting you will reset the clock to the early morning. If you want long days to build well, this is definitely the best setting.
  • Select 6,000 to set the clock for noon. So you can find south at the position of the sun. The sun rises in the east and is in the south at noon.
  • The entry of the night begins when you enter 12,000.

General information about the time of day in Minecraft 1.8

Please note: In Minecraft, a day lasts 20 minutes. When you start the game it will be early morning.

  • It stays light for 10 minutes, so you have morning, noon and afternoon in those 10 minutes.
  • Then dusk begins and lasts 1.5 minutes. During this time the sun sets in the west and the moon rises in the east.
  • Then you have 7.5 minutes of night in which monsters spawn - depending on the setting of the game, many and dangerous or, for example, harmless in creative mode.
  • After the night, dawn is for 1.5 minutes. The moon sets in the west and the sun rises in the east.

You can use the commands mentioned to decide for yourself if you want to change the time, for example end the night immediately and switch to sunrise.