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Although a 400-euro job is free of social security contributions for the employee, there are a few things to consider if you, as an employer, want to hire and register an employee on a 400-euro basis.

Registering a € 400 job is not difficult.
Registering a € 400 job is not difficult.

The 400 euro job is free of social security. For the employee, this means that no contributions to health, pension or unemployment insurance have to be made. As an employee, you get 400 euros "gross for net", so to speak.

Who can register a € 400 job?

Private individuals as well as companies and self-employed persons can advertise and register a job on the basis of 400 euros.

  • Activities in the private sector often relate to support in the household or with childcare, which is registered on a 400 euro basis.
  • In companies and other legal entities, these activities can be very extensive. Starting with running errands, through warehouse work and secretarial tasks to temporary help in catering and the like.

How does an employee have to be registered on a minor basis?

As an employer, you are obliged to register an employee. Since January 1st, 2006 registration has to be done electronically.

How many 400 Euro jobs can you have? - You should keep this in mind when working

There are several reasons that speak in favor of taking a 400 euro job (mini job). …

  • You must register your new employee with the Federal Miners' Association.
  • Registration for the € 400 jobber must be made using a form that will be sent to you as a pre-printed form.

Additional costs for the employer

In addition to the wage costs, there are other costs for the employer. In contrast to an employee, a 400 euro job is not exempt from social security for the employer.

  • As an entrepreneurial employer, you have to pay the Federal Miners 13% health insurance and 15% pension insurance. The percentages are calculated from the agreed gross salary (400 euros).
  • As a private person, you are obliged to pay 5% health and pension insurance contributions for your employee.

For the employer, the 400 euro job is not exempt from social security, but you also have numerous advantages compared to a permanent position.

Required Documents

  • In order to be able to register an employee, their social security number is required, as well as information about which health insurance company they are insured with.
  • In addition, you should of course ask for the bank details so that you can be with him salary can transfer.

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