Earl Gray caffeine

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Passionate tea drinkers prefer to enjoy classic, high-quality teas in the afternoon. In England, in particular, people like to enjoy a cup of Earl Gray at this time of day. Because the caffeine contained in the tea drink has an activating effect and provides new energy with which the afternoon low can be overcome.

Earl Gray contains caffeine.
Earl Gray contains caffeine.

Earl Gray caffeine content - this is what you should know

  • Tea connoisseurs know: Earl Gray contains caffeine. The active ingredient is contained in the black or green tea that makes up the tea blend.
  • Originally the well-known tea made from Chinese black teas. The tea leaves were also flavored; For this purpose, the mixture was additionally mixed with bergamot oil, which is characterized by its fine, fragrant-bitter note.
  • Today, tea is no longer just made from Chinese black teas. Even today, the leaves are flavored with very different additives, depending on the taste; For example, in addition to bergamot oil, nature-identical flavors are also used. Green teas are also often used.
  • So since the mix consists mostly of black tea, Earl Gray contains a lot of caffeine. With one cup of the popular drink, for example, you can consume between 150 mg and 350 mg of the invigorating active ingredient.
  • However, the caffeine content of the tea mixture depends on the individual mixture. Green teaFor example, which is also often used as the basis for making Earl Gray, provides less caffeine than black tea.
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Activating and invigorating - the effects of caffeine in tea

  • You have long understood: The consumption of Earl Gray has an invigorating and activating effect due to the caffeine content.
  • That is why the tea is particularly suitable as a drink after the midday rest to recharge your batteries for the second half of the day. The tea also provides an additional energy kick in the afternoon.
  • However, the caffeine contained in green or black tea has a weaker effect than in the coffee; this is related to the tannins in the tea leaves, which are responsible for delayed absorption of the substance.

But remember: Excessive consumption of the tea can lead to palpitations and insomnia.

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