Differences: Anime versus Manga

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manga and anime

Mangas and anime have become an integral part of modern Japanese culture and there is also a large fan base for the art forms in this country. There are not only manga and anime for children, on the contrary some are not suitable for children at all as they can contain erotic content or scenes of violence.

The range of these comics and cartoons is wider than that of animated films and books from Europe or the USA. Mangas and animes are not just about child-like monsters with big googly eyes; there is explicit material for young people and adults. For comics and cartoons from Europe and the USA, the target group is very limited to children.

What is a manga?

A manga denotes the representation of a Story in the form of a book or comic book. We also know this from Walt Disney or French or Belgian comics.

A manga is a comic that comes from Japan. In Japan we see things a little differently; here most comics, regardless of origin, are referred to as manga.

Mangas are mostly associated with bright colors, exaggerated childlike faces and extreme facial expressions, but there are also black and white magas.

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Mangas are traditionally read from back to front, which is because in Asia people read from top right to bottom left. However, the manga for the European and American markets are adapted to our reading habits.

What is an anime?

Like the word Anime (Animation, animated movie) already reveals, these are moving images, i.e. a film. There are quite a few here Series on television as well as movies.

Most of the time, a book is made into a film; it rarely or never works the other way around, i.e. creating a comic book based on an existing film.
Animes are often based on successful manga for children, but also for adults. Well-known animes here include Pokémon, Sailor Moon, and Digimon.

There are also many merchandise products, but also your own video games, card decks or cosplay items.

Explained in one sentence:

Books or comic books are called manga, animated series or films are called anime.

It is important that as parents you check in advance which manga or anime the child wants to watch or buy. Because different than what we usually have Cartoon books or films of Japanese origin are not always necessarily made and suitable for children and young people.

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