How to build a wardrobe from birch logs

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Where do I get birch logs?

Something completely different from the usual sight in the hallway is an individual, creative wardrobe made of birch trunks. Before you grab an ax and cut down the nearest forest, you can legally buy birch logs from a hardware store.

The birch trunks are considered exclusiveWood in the hardware store. As a rule, you get 3 m long, natural trunks with a diameter of 6 to 12 cm. These have already been dried, reworked and checked by hand. As natural wood, they are ideal for indoor use.

Building instructions for the wardrobe

Measure and saw

  1. The birch trunks of the wardrobe should go all the way from the floor to the top Ceiling are sufficient. Therefore, you need the exact height of the room, as this determines the length of the trunks. To get the correct length, you must subtract the thickness of the wooden discs that will later be placed at the ends from the room height measurement.
  2. Now you can saw. To do this, place the birch trunks on two stands and saw them to the calculated length. Then pre-drill both ends of the log.
  3. The wooden discs are later screwed onto the foot ends of the trunks using a threaded rod and nut. So that these disappear into the drill hole and the wooden disc sits flush at the end of the trunk, mill out the hole slightly with the Forstner drill. You can then screw the Rampa sleeves into the drill holes.
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Foot plates provide stability

  1. Then saw four slices out of the MDF board as ends for the logs. Drill two of them in the middle for the threaded rod and countersink the holes on one side with the Forstner drill. You can now paint the plate-shaped end pieces with wood varnish in your desired color. This adds extra accents.
  2. While the MDF pieces are drying, you can screw the threaded rods into the rampa sockets at the feet of the logs. Then place the pre-drilled foot plates onto the threaded rods and secure them with wing nuts.

Space on two levels

  1. Now the MDF panels are adjusted with the jigsaw. To do this, mark the diameter of the trunks in two places in the outer third of the wider piece, which will later be the hat shelf. Draw two tangents to the long edge in the direction of the wall and saw out the resulting U-shape.
  2. It is important that the shoe rack is narrower than the hat rack, so the diameters are also marked here, but the tangents are drawn towards the narrow sides and sawn out.
  3. Then screw the MDF boards for the shelves onto the two birch trunks. Start with the shoe rack as the scoops here face outwards.
  4. Simply insert the trunks into the cutouts and screw them completely through the trunk into the plate. Pre-drilling makes the work easier here. Now screw on the MDF discs for the upper ends of the birch trunks.

This way the wardrobe is secure

  1. Additionally stabilize the shelves by screwing MDF panels and trunks together using angle connectors.
  2. When setting up the coat rack, the threaded rods in the feet pay off because they allow you to do so Adjust the height perfectly so that the upper end plates reach exactly to the ceiling and are stable at the same time stand.
  3. Once your wardrobe is aligned, screw the plates into the ceiling using the dowels.
  4. Now all that's missing is the clothes rail. To do this, drill once across each trunk at the same height so that the pole is horizontal later. The drill holes must be large enough so that the clothes rail can be pushed through. Slide in, fix and your new wardrobe is ready.

Be creative!

This is just a building suggestion, let your creativity and ideas run wild. You can also attach birch trunks in the middle area, which gives more of a forest feeling.

Wardrobes made from birch trunks are not only pretty and creative, they also improve the indoor climate and bring a lot of flair to every hallway. With these building instructions you can easily build a forest wardrobe yourself and bring a bit of nature into your home.

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