What is baking soda?

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Do you know the versatile effects of baking soda? This substance is not only helpful as a cleaning product, but also for your health. In this article we will explain to you what baking soda can do.

This is baking soda

Baking soda is the common name for sodium hydrogen carbonate (NaHCO3). In chemistry it is also known as the sodium salt of carbonic acid. The substance can be found in nature and is also produced industrially. Baking soda is a component of many healing springs and underground water reserves. Using the Solvay process, baking soda is obtained from common salt (sodium chloride).

Combined with Water Baking soda is separated into sodium and hydrogen carbonate. Hydrogen carbonate has the property of neutralizing acids. A basic solution can be created with baking soda.

You can do this with baking soda

Sodium bicarbonate is a versatile substance. Due to its alkaline properties, it can be used both as a cleaning agent and for medicinal purposes.

Baking soda as a cleaning agent

Baking soda is a popular household product. In combination with acid, a chemical reaction occurs that is excellent at dissolving calcification, soap residue and grease stains. For example, in combination with acetic acid, a foaming liquid is created that produces CO2.

Dirty tile joints, clogged drains and burnt-in residue can easily be removed with a baking soda mixture. When using this mixture, be careful not to inhale the fumes and wear gloves. There are a variety of cleaning products containing baking soda on the open market.

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Baking soda as medicine

Baking soda can be used internally and externally. In both cases, it is important that you use pure and high-quality baking soda. Products like baking powder are a mixture that contains baking soda. Therefore, you should not use baking soda for medicinal purposes.

It is recommended to consume half to a full teaspoon of baking soda dissolved in water up to three times a day. Drink this solution carefully in small sips. If you take baking soda orally, you should do so daily for a maximum of two weeks. Otherwise, side effects such as abdominal pain, bloating, bladder or kidney stones and/or muscle cramps may occur.

Baking soda primarily works when the body becomes acidic. A short course of baking soda can be helpful for the following complaints:

  • Hangover (after alcohol)
  • Heartburn (to neutralize)
  • Inflammations of all kinds
  • Kidney disease
  • Sore muscles
  • Ear and throat diseases
  • Bad breath and canker sores

Baking soda has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects. It can help with many medical conditions. The latest research shows that baking soda can even be helpful in cancer therapy. If you are unsure, discuss taking sodium with your doctor beforehand.

When using baking soda externally, the purifying and odor-neutralizing properties of the substance are used. To do this, you can do a full bath or a foot bath with sodium bicarbonate. To do this, take 50 to 100 g of pure baking soda and add it to the bath water. This method ensures soft skin and can help against symptoms such as itching and sweaty feet.

Baking soda is considered a small miracle cure for the household and for the human body.

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