Have an additional tank installed in the motorcycle

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An additional tank on the motorcycle makes sense, as the range of filling a normal tank is quite modest. You can install an additional tank in the motorcycle so that you don't have to stop at every gas station.

An additional tank provides a long range.
An additional tank provides a long range.

What you need:

  • matching additional tank
  • Supply line

Important information about the additional tank for the motorcycle

There are several ways to have an additional tank installed in the motorcycle that is referring to on the location of the additional tank, but also on how the fuel from the additional tank is used can

  • The sidecar is of course the ideal place for the installation of the additional tank. Since motorcycles with a sidecar consume significantly more gasoline than those without, the additional tank under the seat in the sidecar makes sense.
  • On other motorcycles, the tank is usually installed under the seat, under the fairing, or similar to a tank bag on the tank.
  • Additional tanks are custom-made that use otherwise unused storage space and thus achieve an increase in range without blocking the rest of the luggage space. This is the biggest advantage over a petrol can.
  • An additional tank is not a petrol can that is emptied into the main tank of the motorcycle when required. Either it is connected to the petrol line with a T-piece or it is emptied into the main tank via the tank ventilation. The main tank draws as the gasoline from the auxiliary tank to the extent that it is emptied.
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  • You can get additional tanks over the Internet from manufacturers of additional tanks for boats. You should only dare to build it yourself if you have the appropriate experience.
  • Remember that an additional tank is dated TÜV must be accepted. This attaches great importance to the safety, i.e. the additional tank must not pose a risk of fire or explosion.

However, you can often have the original tank exchanged for a larger tank instead of an additional tank.

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