Produce ant poison yourself on an ecological basis

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Ants in the house are bothersome and disgusting. Ant colonization in the house can be prevented with simple measures. Ants can also cause damage in the garden where they are not wanted. You can sell them here with simple means. Ant poison can be produced very cheaply by yourself. However, this should only be used in an extreme emergency.

Ants can be fought with simple means.
Ants can be fought with simple means.

What you need:

  • double-sided tape
  • Deer horn salt
  • Table salt
  • boiling water
  • Clay flower pots
  • Lemons
  • Cloves
  • chervil
  • Tomato plants

Ants can be driven away - ant poison only in an emergency

  • if Ants Find food in the house, mark the way there with fragrances. Other ants are attracted and so-called ant trails are created. This can be prevented by not leaving food lying around. Animal feed bowls should be cleaned very regularly, and floors should be vacuumed or wiped often.
  • If an ant infestation has occurred despite these preventive measures, the paths should first be blocked. Cracks, e.g. B. under door frames or in the floor as well as end strips under kitchen cabinets are sealed with commercially available, suitable means.
  • Have, z. B. if you are absent for a longer period of time, ant trails are formed. B. with double-sided tape. The vacuum cleaner also does a good job here. Inexpensive ant poison is z. B. Coffee powder, salt or deer horn salt. To be on the safe side, you can set up a deadly ant trap. To do this, you take a flat bowl with smooth walls and fill it with a mixture of beer and sugar or honey.
  • A larger infestation, but also more opportunities to drive away ants without having to use ant poison right away, are found in the garden. in the race large numbers of ants must be controlled if the lawn is to be used for relaxation or for children to play. The mounds of earth, which are often churned up by ants here, can be sprinkled with fresh yeast. The ants burst. Table salt can also be used. It has a hydroscopic effect, i.e. it removes the water from the animals. An effective poison is a mixture of water, cigarette butts, and cigarette ashes. This is poured onto the infested areas in the lawn.
  • A strong ant infestation in garden beds is unpleasant when here vegetables should flourish. Since no ant poison should be used here if possible, the animals are scared away by smells they hate. Mulching with parts of tomato plants is very successful. Remember to grow some plants for this purpose only. When mulching, however, care must be taken to use only really healthy plants, otherwise there is a risk of diseases such as B. Brown rot, common in the garden.
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  • Other fragrances that are avoided by ants are in cloves, chervil, lemons, lemon peel, and marjoram lavender contain.
  • Ants gather under clay pots with the opening facing down. If you lift the pot, you can kill the animals with boiling water. If this measure is too drastic, the pots can also be filled with straw. The ants collect in it and can be relocated with a shovel to another place where they do not disturb.

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