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This is how stretch marks develop

  • Stretch marks are small scars that appear when the lower layers of the skin thin and lose their elasticity. They also arise when the subcutaneous fatty tissue loosens. Sometimes a predisposition to weak connective tissue is also the reason for the unsightly stretch marks.
  • They mostly arise during pregnancy when your tissue, especially on the abdomen and breasts, has to expand very quickly.
  • But even if you have experienced rapid weight gain, stretch marks may appear on the stomach, chest, upper arms, buttocks, or thighs.
  • If you gain muscle mass very quickly through extreme strength training, stretch marks can also appear on your skin.
  • When your stretch marks are fresh, they are usually red and several inches long and sometimes itchy.
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    At some point it unfortunately hits almost every woman - the first small stretch marks ...

  • When the stripes are older, the stripes fade and become white. Very small stretch marks can even go away completely. With age, wrinkled areas form on the skin where the stretch marks are.
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Home remedies that help against the streaks

Using home remedies to tackle your stretch marks requires patience, perseverance, and discipline. Only with daily care receives your skin more elasticity against the stretch marks. You can help your skin maintain or improve its elasticity.

  • Take alternating showers regularly. This old home remedy not only helps against tiredness and circulatory problems, it is also good for your skin. You should always end with a cold pour. The alternating showers increase the blood flow to the tissue.
  • Take care of and pamper your skin with extensive care. Vitamin-rich massage oils are well suited. If you massage these into the skin regularly and use additional tapping massages, your skin will gain elasticity.
  • Firming body creams can also help to nourish and tighten your skin at the same time.
  • A good home remedy for stretch marks is oranges. Of course, you should eat a healthy diet rich in vitamins and drink enough. But you can also use oranges to tackle your stretch marks. However, it will take some time before you see a result. Cut the orange in half and rub the orange halves on your stretch marks.
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