Boku no Pico: What is the anime about?

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There are many animes originally from Japan. As a parent, you should check which anime the kids are watching because not everyone is adult-rated. It is important to be informed here in terms of child and youth protection and also to pronounce appropriate prohibitions.

Boku no Pico is produced by Natural High and is a Japanese OAV/OVA series. There are three episodes, one chapter in manga-Form, a music video collection and video game. The characters, i.e. people, were checked in advance for their suitability for marketing.

The following people are important in Boku no Pico:

Pico: He's a pre-adolescent, blond-haired teenager who works at his grandfather's beach cafe in the summer. He is often shown swimming naked and he likes to wear girl's clothes, which is why Tamotsu takes him for a girl at first.

Tamotsu: At first, the office worker and regular at Grandfather's cafe thinks Pico is a girl. However, after realizing his mistake, he takes pleasure in having sex with a boy. He convinces Pico to wear girly clothes and even forces him to do so when Pico initially refuses. Tamotsu has taken a liking to the game and sees Pico as a sex object.

Ojiisan: He is Pico's grandfather and thinks it's a good idea for Pico and Tamotsu to spend time together.

chico: Lives with his sister in a secluded house in the woods. He has brown hair, is a bit younger than Pico and also likes to run around naked. He secretly watches his sister who takes care of him masturbate. Chico eventually enters into a sexual relationship with Pico.

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Chico's big sister: She is never referred to by name. She owns a large collection of fetish clothing and sex toys. The boys Pico and Chico secretly use them, fueling the sexual attraction between the two.

Coco: Another boy with long dark hair who looks very feminine is also mistaken for a girl. This boy lives alone in a subway hideout. He has sexual intercourse with Pico and Chico throughout the story. A situation of jealousy arises and Coco flees to Tokyo Tower. Then the three of them have sex there.

The series consists of three episodes, the first of which has been re-released. Natural High produced the episodes directed by Katsuyoshi Yatabe. The first episode on DVD was sold by Soft on Demand in 2006 and is called Boku no Pico. Another two followed in 2007, Pico to Chico and 2008, Pico and Coco and Chico. This episode is intended for viewers under the age of 18.

However, you should definitely get an idea in advance whether you want to let the minor see!

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