What is an indicative target?

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In addition to the educational area, so-called indicative goals are set in different areas. The question is what it is and what is the background. In addition to certain areas, you will also find this instrument in road traffic to help you behave properly, so it is of particular importance.

Indicative goals are sometimes set in the pedagogical area.
Indicative goals are sometimes set in the pedagogical area.

What is a learning goal

According to Hilbert Mayer - professor for school pedagogical issues - the so-called indicative goals are generally to be understood as certain educational "measures".

  • They can be realized in different ways, even slogan-like educational measures are conceivable.
  • The indicative goals sometimes include traffic education, this begins with the fact that traffic law awareness often takes place in kindergarten, where traffic police officers classes take over once and teach the correct behavior when crossing traffic lights and zebra crossings. At the same time, attention is drawn to the dangers that exist if the rules are not adhered to.
  • For example, a rough guideline is that you should learn in class what functional equations are in the mathematics are. This topic, that is to say the guideline goal, is thus "functional equations".
  • In the gradation of this guideline goal, the content consists of bringing you closer to the general goal, i.e. to understand the functional equations. As a result, a fine objective as an underqualification is that you can also independently derive the functional equations in order to obtain the Equations to solve.
  • Standard learning objective - example

    Without objectives and structuring, uncoordinated chaos would ultimately be the ...

  • The guideline target thus basically represents a background, on the basis of which certain rough and fine targets are still concretely defined. In this way, certain facts or learning content are determined and implemented through certain measures.

Other important indicative objectives - practical examples

Indicative goals can be found in many different areas and by no means relate only to the educational or school area, but represent a requirement that is transparent and practical beyond the general and detailed goals will.

  • For example, a guideline goal is to teach a dog to behave obediently in everyday life. The learning goal is therefore comprehensive "dog training". This can be concretized by the rough goal by putting the dog in different Everyday situations must listen to commands, the fine target is to listen to the command "sit", for example and sit down.
  • This means that guideline or guiding objectives represent the top level in the hierarchy, which are only specified in more concrete terms using general and detailed objectives. Indicative goals are, for example, educational goals in the area of ​​traffic, but also to learn a sense of responsibility.
  • The complex can be broken down into an almost infinite number of coarse and finer accents; there are, for example, cognitive learning goals, affective goals, too Psychomotor skills can be formulated in general as a guideline goal and, in the context of therapies, through the individual lessons through rough and fine goals realize.

So you know that indicative goals generally have a goal that is generally worth pursuing. The implementation takes place through further specifications, which have to be based on this general objective.

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