VIDEO: Make cursive exercise sheets yourself

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Beautiful cursive handwriting is not only a feast for the eyes for teachers, it also provides your child with the basis for learning to write and read well. Turn simple, white sheets of paper into great exercise sheets that make writing easier for your child.

Beautiful cursive with simple tools

For self-made exercise sheets, in addition to white paper, you only need a fine drawing pencil and a set square. For a playful incentive, you can also use printouts of your child's favorite heroes or use pretty ornaments with soft lines.

  1. The actual exercise sheets for calligraphy are quickly conjured up: Draw parallel lines with evenly spaced lines on a piece of white paper with a pencil.
  2. Then trace these lines with a waterproof fiber-tip pen (very thin). The easiest way to achieve constant distances is with the set square, on which numerous auxiliary lines provide orientation. Connect four lines with a vertical line.
  3. The auxiliary lines for the cursive are already ready. Draw out the letters to be practiced for your child in the most beautiful cursive script and let your child write them down.
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Exercise sheets with incentives for fine motor skills

  • To add variety to the exercise sheets, you can provide your child with images of their favorite heroes (e.g. B. Drawings of book or comic characters). To do this, place the printout of an image under thin paper and use dots to trace the outlines of the translucent image. This form of exercise sheet can also be implemented with ornaments and patterns.
  • In addition to the line sheets, your child can now repeatedly train his fine motor skills with such a point sheet by it exercises the pen grip and at the same time, by connecting the dots, increasing control over the writing flow receives.
  • The continuous connection of the individual points requires the same skill as learning cursive. As a small reward for practicing, your child will also receive a beautiful picture which they can color in as they please.
  • The changing exercise sheets offer your child exercise incentives through regular training automatically lead to a much nicer handwriting and the fun of writing and painting support financially.
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