Turn the balcony into living space

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If your apartment is actually very small, you can of course try to convert the balcony into a living space. With a few good ideas, you can create additional living space.

Turn your balcony into a winter garden.
Turn your balcony into a winter garden. © s.media / Pixelio

What you need:

  • practical ideas

Redesign the balcony

After reading these instructions, you should come up with a few good ideas on how to convert your balcony into living space. The prerequisite is that you have a balcony that is at least 12 m2 up to 15 m2 is great.

  • A classic way of turning the balcony into living space is probably the idea of ​​expanding a winter garden. In a winter garden you can easily move the plants out of your apartment and at the same time have created a place of retreat where you can read a book in peace.
  • However, the project of turning a balcony into a winter garden is a rather costly option for expanding living space. Large glass fronts must be attached, all of which are attached using specially designed screw connections.
  • Then you need a roof that slopes down slightly so that the water can run off when it rains. Of course, you will need a gutter again for this rain. A winter garden is a very good idea, but you should have the necessary change.

Convert the balcony into a living space 

  • You can of course also turn your balcony into living space by turning it into a bay window. Sit down with a civil engineer or structural engineer and consider whether it would be feasible to convert your balcony into a bay window.
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  • If that is feasible, you should have a construction plan made and build the bay window according to this plan. Here, however, you will need a number of additional components such as a bay roof or window.
  • So think twice before embarking on a project like this. However, such a bay window can create a lot of new living space.

Before converting your balcony into a living space, you should have checked the substance of your balcony very carefully.

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