Pick mushrooms in October

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If you would like to pick mushrooms on a walk in the forest, October is the appropriate month to find these culinary delicacies.

Edible mushrooms are best found in October.
Edible mushrooms are best found in October.

What you need:

  • experience
  • basket
  • knife

What to watch out for with mushrooms 

  • If you plan to pick mushrooms in October, make sure you have the right equipment. This includes a hinged knife, a jute sack or an air-permeable straw basket. Avoid storing the mushrooms in a plastic bag. The air cannot circulate in this container, and the mushrooms are squashed and can therefore spoil quickly.
  • So that the mushrooms that you want to collect in October are not damaged, you should take them with care Twist your fingers out of the ground cover or directly below the stem with a sharp knife cut off.
  • If you pick mushrooms in October, you should bring plenty of time and only pick solid specimens. You should avoid overripe mushrooms during the search, as they are inedible and unsuitable for consumption.

Poisonous specimens also lurk in October

  • If you want to do your relaxing leisure activity and pick mushrooms in October, then it is important that You are already an experienced collector and you distinguish the characteristics between a toadstool and an edible mushroom can.
  • Since the mushroom season is in full swing in October, you can find plenty of edible mushrooms (porcini mushrooms, Edelreizker, Parasol, Hallimasch, etc.). If you have a large mushroom harvest, you can freeze or dry the mushrooms to make them more durable.
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