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If you have an Apple device (such as an iPhone, iPad, or iPod), you can buy applications, games, music, and other items from the Apple App Store. If you still have a Paysafe card, you can use it to top up your iTunes credit, but you have to take a detour.

Purchase iTunes credit with a Paysafe card.
Purchase iTunes credit with a Paysafe card.

You will need iTunes credit to make many purchases

  • If you have one of the numerous Apple devices, you can download apps, Games, music and other things through the official store. The Apple App Store is available as a standard application on iPads and iPhones and offers you a very large selection of applications and other things. Of course, there are also a lot of apps and games that can be downloaded and installed for free can, but well-known games, apps and music in particular usually cost money and have to be bought first will.
  • For this purpose you definitely need iTunesCredit and you can top up this in different ways. Alternatively, you can use a credit card to pay. If you don't have a credit card, you need to top up your credit using an iTunes card, for example. If you use a Paysafe card and you still have credit on it, you unfortunately cannot use this amount directly. But there is a good way to top up your Apple account from the available credit.

This is how topping up with a Paysafe card works

You cannot use your Paysafe card directly in the Apple Use the App Store and thus not top up your credit, but you can purchase an Apple card via Paysafe and use this to top up your account. You even have two options in total.

  1. You can use the free app of the Value cards AG get and on your iPhone or install iPad.
  2. In the application you can enter your card code and use this Apple credit to make purchases.
  3. Register in the iTunes Store without a credit card - this is how it works

    If you have an Apple iPhone, iPad or iPod, you can use the ...

  4. Another option is the well-known online shop "iTunes code". They sell the prepaid cards over the Internet and offer you various types of payment. Below that you will also find an option for your prepaid card, which you can use to buy gift vouchers and thus Apple credit.
  5. Log in and look for a suitable voucher and enter your existing code. The credit will be updated promptly.

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