Professions for communicative people

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Communication is beneficial in almost all areas of activity, but in some areas this quality is more in demand than in others. Especially for career starters or people with the desire for a new orientation, a whole range of professions and the way to the top of the career ladder are open to their linguistic talent.

You can use your linguistic talent as a basis for your job.
You can use your linguistic talent as a basis for your job.

Characteristics of communicative people

  • Communication is the exchange of information, both oral and written. Communicative people always have a strong sense of language and a comprehensive vocabulary.
  • Often people with this talent know intuitively how to formulate a certain issue in a targeted manner. Regardless of whether it is, for example, a casual speech at a family celebration or a school essay according to specifications.
  • Communicative people can speak in front of others without inhibitions and are not afraid to approach other people. In addition, these characters often have a high degree of conflict and empathy skills.

Jobs for linguistically gifted people

  • Are you looking for a job where you can combine communication skills and daily customer contact? Then the job of a business assistant for dialogue marketing might be exactly the right choice. These merchants mainly work in service or call centers. The core task consists of telephone customer support in the form of order acceptance or complaint management. The training to become a businessman / woman for dialogue marketing usually lasts three years. Alternatively, you can gain a foothold as a call center agent, which can be learned.
  • A consultative activity such as that of a public relations manager or speaker is also worth considering for communicative people. In this job you are primarily responsible for the positive appearance of your customer in public. For this you develop communication and image strategies. To access this demanding job, you need a relevant one studies, a traineeship or further training to become a PR officer.
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  • If your linguistic talent is reflected in writing, you can use this as a starting point for a career as a journalist. A degree is essential, at least in the print area. With talent, diligence and ambition, however, you have a real opportunity as an online author, even without training.

Use your communicative talent and create a professional perspective,

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