"Where's the weather side?"

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Where the weather side is at a certain location can be determined on the basis of various conditions. Numerous clues on trees or buildings can help you to identify them correctly.

Determine the weather side in places.
Determine the weather side in places.

The effects of weather on trees and buildings

The influence of the weather can be clearly seen in many trees and buildings. Weathering and the associated wear and tear on windows and Doors the end wood, Gutters and other parts of buildings have certainly been noticed before.

  • Most of this weathering, as the name suggests, is caused by the influence of the weather.
  • It is often the case that this weathering is much more spread out on one side of the building or a tree than on the other side.
  • If this is the case, this is usually referred to as the so-called weather side.
  • The direction of the weather side, i.e. where the weather side is on a building or a tree, is very often related to the prevailing wind direction at the corresponding location.
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This is how you can tell where the weather side is

  • If you want to find out which side of your house is the weather side, you have to take a closer look. You can see where the weather side is, for example, by the stronger influence of the weather on a certain side of the building.
  • For example, are the window made of wood on one side of your house is much more weathered than on the other side, so you can assume that the weather side is also in this direction.
  • In the case of trees, for example, you can also recognize the weather side by the fact that the tree trunk on this side may be much more heavily infested with moss.
  • Especially in Central Europe, there is predominantly north-west weather in many areas. Therefore, the weather side is very often in this direction here.

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