When do I get a rent subsidy?

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If you live to rent and your income is below a certain limit, you can receive housing allowance as a rent subsidy. Find out here when you can get a rent subsidy and how to apply for it.

When do you get rent subsidy or burden subsidy?

  • The Housing Allowance Act differentiates between rent subsidy and burden subsidy. Both are intended to serve as state support for those who cannot fully afford acceptable housing on their own.
  • While you as a tenant receive the rent subsidy, the burden subsidy is granted to owners who have used their own living space.
  • However, you are only entitled if you are not another social benefits in which accommodation costs have already been taken into account, i.e. unemployment benefit II, basic security or social benefits. In addition, it must be a normal apartment with simple to medium furnishings.
  • You must submit the housing benefit application to the housing benefit office in your city or district. As a rule, you will be granted the rent subsidy for 12 months until you have to prove that you meet the eligibility requirements again.

Requirements: number of people, size of apartment and income

  • When and in what amount the housing benefit is paid depends on the number of people, the rent to be taken into account and the total income of the house community (§§ 5,9,13,19 Housing Benefit Act).
  • Apply for a rent subsidy when you receive a start-up subsidy - helpful information on income offsetting

    Housing benefit, which is paid as a rent subsidy or as a burden subsidy, should be a ...

  • The annual income of all roommates is divided by 12 to determine the monthly average. When calculating the income to be taken into account, some factors may have to be deducted, for example income-related expenses, maintenance payments or other special burdens.
  • Ultimately, the rent level in your place of residence plays a decisive role, because depending on the region, different cold rents are considered appropriate and are taken into account in the calculation.
  • A monthly income of just under € 900 can serve as a rough guideline for an average expensive region for one person. If there are 2 people with less than € 1,200 and 3 people with less than € 1,450, you are usually also entitled to a rent subsidy.

If you want to know when you can receive housing benefit, it is best to enter the key data in one Housing benefit calculator a. If you then believe there is a claim, make the claim and inquire In doing so, there are other ways of increasing the income to be taken into account through deductible items reduce.

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