Set Astra 19.2

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If you would like to receive your television program via a satellite system, you should set this to Astra 19.2 degrees. With this setting you can receive numerous German programs.

With a parabolic antenna, you can receive more than a thousand television programs without paying a monthly fee. You only have to bear the one-off costs for the system. For this reason, satellite television is very attractive in contrast to cable television and aerial television.

Aim the bowl at Astra 19.2 degrees

You have to align the dish to Astra 19.2 degrees if you want to receive all important German programs.

  • If possible, use the direction of the neighbour's bowl as a guide if you want to manually set it to 19.2 degrees. If you have decided on a mirror with a large diameter, it will be easy for you to plumb the direction.
  • If you want to set the dish correctly, you can also use a satellite finder. This is connected to the cable connection of the LMB and sends a beep when reception on Astra 19.2 degrees is guaranteed. You can get this device inexpensively as an accessory for the satellite system.

You need to set all programs correctly

Aligning the bowl is not enough. You must then carry out a station search and set all programs correctly.

Tune to Astra satellite - this is how you set up your receiver

If you want to receive the Astra satellite, you should also do this in your ...

  • Switch on your television, switch to the settings menu and go to the channel search. Due to the large number of programs, this can take some time.
  • Once all programs have been found, you can set them individually. You can sort the station lists, create individual favorites and / or arrange the programs according to their genre. Find an option that best suits your viewing habits.

As new stations are constantly being added and removed, you should regularly carry out a station search to receive new programs. With modern satellite receivers, you will be informed that new programs have been fed in and whether they should be installed.