Dye dark brown hair light brown

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If you have dark brown hair and want it to be a little lighter, you can also do so without going to an expensive barber shop. Read here how to dye your hair light brown.

This is how your dark hair will turn light brown.
This is how your dark hair will turn light brown.

What you need:

  • Bleaching
  • Light brown hair color
  • Bowl for bleaching
  • paint brush
  • hand towel

Even if it doesn't look that easy at first glance, your own hair To be colored lighter - it is easier than you think. At home, too, you can dye dark brown hair a gorgeous light brown.

Dyeing dark brown hair - this is what you should pay attention to

  • Color on color is getting darker and darker - if you want to dye your dark brown hair lighter, you have to use a bleach. But don't worry, your hair will turn light brown, not blonde. You only need the lightening as a means of making your hair a little lighter.
  • The right care is always important here. Especially if you want a beautiful shade of light brown, the coloring procedure for your hair is always a burden. Then take care of your hair regularly with a conditioner.

How to dye your hair light brown

  1. Take the bowl and prepare the bleaching. It is important that you wear a large towel around your shoulders to protect yourself clothing to protect. The bleaching and color can no longer be washed out.
  2. Put on gloves - these are usually included with the dye - and brush your dark brown hair generously with the bleaching. It is sufficient if you distribute the mass with your hands, because the bleaching works very quickly. Applying with a brush would take too long. Make sure that the brightener is carefully distributed everywhere, otherwise unsightly spots and irregularities could appear in your hair.
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  4. As soon as the bleaching has been applied, leave it on for about 10 minutes. This is quite enough, because after all, all you want to do is lighten your dark brown hair a little.
  5. After the specified time, check whether your hair has already been lightened a little. Please do not be frightened when you see your hair, because by bleaching you are only doing preparatory work for the actual coloring.
  6. Now carefully wash off the lightener and dry your hair a little.
  7. Now mix the hair color for a light brown shade. Now apply the color with the bottle and carefully distribute the mass into your hair.
  8. Now you have to let the light brown hair color work for about half an hour. After the exposure time, wash off the hair color well and treat your light brown hair to a care treatment.

Dark brown hair can be dyed a gorgeous light brown at home too. Nevertheless, take your time for coloring and treat your hair regularly to care treatments.

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