What helps against wet armpits in men?

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Underarm wetness can become a problem. If the sweat glands are not only working at full speed in hot temperatures, a simple deodorant will often not help against the sweat stains. Read this guide to find out what else can help against wet armpits.

Armpit wetness - not for strong men!
Armpit wetness - not for strong men! © daniel_stricker / Pixelio

Particularly men often suffer from increased sweat production and thus from increased armpit wetness. This can be a problem in many situations, such as at work or on a date.

Armpit wetness - this helps against sweat stains on the shirt

  • A simple deodorant is not enough, it just combats the odor. A so-called antiperspirant, which naturally prevents the sweat glands from producing sweat, is better. Many of these antiperspirants contain an aluminum compound, usually aluminum chloride hexahydrate, the works reliably against wet armpits and increased sweat production by reducing sweat pores scaled down. The crystalline deodorant stones are also based on an aluminum compound. However, it can be delicate skin be irritated by it.
  • Those who perspire particularly heavily under the arms can also put cotton towels in their armpits. These can soak up the moisture and reduce sweat stains.
  • If the excessive sweat cosmetic surgery can also help. With this, most of the sweat glands are deserted and can then no longer produce sweat permanently. Under certain circumstances, the costs of such an intervention can be covered by the health insurance, which also helps in finding a suitable doctor.

More tips against excessive sweating

  • If you sweat heavily, it is important that you wash yourself regularly, several times a day if necessary. A deodorant can only mask the smell and is not a substitute for adequate personal hygiene.
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  • A tea made from fresh or dried sage leaves naturally reduces sweating and thus also helps against wet armpits.
  • If you sweat particularly heavily, you should be careful not to drink enough coffee, just as you should avoid spicy and spicy foods, as these stimulate the production of sweat.

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