Cellar lobsters in the apartment

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Wood lice in an apartment are certainly not one of the most popular pets, although they are very common. It is important to recognize the causes and eliminate them.

Reasons for cellar lobsters in apartments

Wood lice do not look nice, but they are not a big problem in apartments and houses because they rarely cause damage and do not sting or bite. Bear in mind that wood lice do not feel comfortable in the apartment. It is usually too dry, and decaying leaves and similar plant material are rare, and it is too dry:

  • For the reasons mentioned, you can assume that you yourself brought the wood lice into the apartment against their will. Possible means of transport are food from the cellar, plant pots with moist soil that were in the cellar or outdoors.
  • The cellar lobsters in the apartment can simply have gotten lost. This cause can usually be found in apartments at ground level with an exit to the garden.
  • If you observe that there are more woodlots in the house when it rains, the cause could be that something is wrong with the drainage of the house. The cellar lobsters flee into the apartment because they would drown outside.

There is no cause for wood lice in apartments that they have a nest there, because wood lice can usually not reproduce in apartments. But they collect in damp, dark corners and mostly die there because life in the apartment is hardly possible for basement woodlice in the long run. These clusters are not nests from which the animals come, but graves.

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Elimination of the causes of isopod infestation

  • Be careful not to bring any wood lobsters into the apartment. Water pots and buckets thoroughly before putting them in a dry bucket and taking them into the home. In this way, wood lice but also ear pimples escape from the containers before you carry them into the apartment.
  • Shake food before you carry it out of the basement and do not put any boxes or bags in the basement in which you carry food into the apartment. This will prevent the basement woodlice from hiding there and being carried into the apartment by you.
  • The cause of woodlice getting lost in the apartment can be put down by avoiding hiding places for woodlice near the house. Keep the area around the house clean, avoiding the build-up of leaves or other dead plant matter.
  • Look for cracks in the brickwork and under doors. If you seal this off, the basement wood lice cannot escape into the apartment.
  • Since wood lice that appear in the apartment when it rains often has the cause that something is wrong with the drainage of the house true, you should definitely check them, because if water accumulates on the house, the basement isopods are the least Problem. This cause can harm the house.
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