Use chew noodle to practice

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The Kaunudel is mainly used by speech therapists who work according to the Padovan method. Orthodontists also sometimes use the soft noodle. This method was developed by the Brazilian Beatriz Padovan. As a rule, this method can be used with all children, but adults may also benefit from the exercises.

Orthodontists also use the Kaunudel.
Orthodontists also use the Kaunudel.

Kaunudel - train the tongue, mouth and face muscles

  • The Kaunudel looks like a noodle, hence the unusual name. It is made of latex and is mainly used by speech therapists but also by orthodontists.
  • The latex noodle can target your mouth muscles, your facial muscles or yours tongue work out. Jaw misalignments can also be treated in this way.
  • The pasta is a great help, for example, if you lisp, have a speech disorder or if your tongue muscles are not well developed. Even with spasticity in the tongue and mouth area or after facial nerve paralysis, the pasta can help to strengthen your muscles and better control your coordination. Kaunudel is not only useful for children, it is also used after a stroke, for example.
  • Orthodontists use the pasta for various jaw misalignments. In this way, surgery or other invasive measures can often be avoided.

Practice with the Kaunudel regularly

  • For example, if you discover a language disorder in your child or another developmental problem in the area of ​​language, yours mouth- and face muscles or the tongue, you should first consult your doctor. Because in order to be able to use the pasta in a targeted and sensible way, an exact diagnosis is urgently necessary.
  • Exercise the tongue - it becomes more flexible

    When learning a foreign language, singing, speaking or kissing, a flexible, ...

  • Your doctor can then refer you to an appropriate agency. As I said, this can be a speech therapy practice or an orthodontist.
  • After an expert diagnosis, you will be shown some exercises that you should also do at home on a regular basis. Because only practicing continuously can lead to success. Take the time to do the exercises and be patient. The exercises don't always work right away.
  • Also pay attention to hygiene when using your Kaunudel. Wash your noodle thoroughly after each use and allow the noodle to air dry thoroughly.
  • You shouldn't use the latex noodle on your own. Because only qualified instruction and guidance will lead to success for you.

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