Pokémon Cards: Determine Value

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This way you can recognize rare cards immediately

Each card has an icon in the bottom right. A circle represents frequent cards, a diamond represents medium-frequency cards. Very rare cards are marked with a star. The more stars, the rarer the card. There are also other symbols that identify special edition cards. Such cards called “promo”, “boxtopper” or “deck kit” fluctuate significantly in value depending on demand.

Among the usually matte Pokémon trading cards, some have glitter on the front or front and back. These holographic cards are equally rare.
Some cards have specific names and symbols after the Pokémon's name. “Lv. X”, “ex”, or “LEGEND” indicate rare Pokémon. These are very popular among collectors. Furthermore, since the Platinum expansion there have been so-called “Special Pokémon” (abbreviated SP). You can recognize this by the “SP” logo on the bottom left of the graphic.

Trading cards from the first generation are particularly in demand. Take a look at the small print at the bottom of the card. On the right you can see the year of manufacture. If this is 1999-2000, you probably have a valuable card in your hand. In the same line to the right you will see the card number. “SH” stands for holographic cards. Numbers higher than the total set are assigned a higher value, for example 70/65. If you find a completely printed card, a so-called “full art print” (abbreviated to “FA cards”), you are also holding a rare copy in your hand.

Check the condition of your cards

Cracks, dirt and creases significantly reduce the value of your Pokémon cards. Unused cards, on the other hand, receive their full value. Therefore, check the condition of your cards carefully and describe it precisely. What does the color look like? Where can you see signs of wear? In what strength? It is recommended to store cards in designated card sleeves. This way you prevent all external influences.

Research the market price

The following applies to all collectibles: rare does not automatically mean valuable. The value is determined by the relationship between supply and demand. You can get a good overview of how popular your card is currently on collector auctions or sales platforms. If your card is not included, offer it yourself on a negotiated basis. If you receive a lot of inquiries, you can set your price higher. Do you want to sell your Pokémon collection? You can find out more about this in our article Sell ​​Pokémon cards.

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