BaseChat: this is how the free chat works

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Make sure you have a flat rate

Before you log into BaseChat, make sure you have a flat rate for the device in question. With this you can make unlimited calls. In some contracts, however, you have a quota of free minutes or pay an amount per minute. In this case, the costs are unpredictable and will quickly exceed your budget.

To join BaseChat, call 0211 385 330 50 from your landline mobile phone or via Internet telephony. Or visit the website and click on the green button that says “Dial in now for free”.

Make calls anonymously, individually or in groups

Decide the nature of your conversation using your device's numeric keypad. During all telephone calls, your phone number will not be displayed to the other person. You therefore remain completely anonymous.

  • Press one to be redirected to a randomly selected chat partner. This is the so-called carousel. End the conversation with zero and you will receive a new conversation partner.
  • If you prefer a group conversation, choose two. Up to four people can be there.
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  • A private room is suitable for known BaseChat contacts. You open it with the number three. Enter a PIN to encrypt the chat.
  • You will return to the main menu by selecting the asterisk key (*).
  • Are you dialing in with your smartphone? Use the additional video chat to get to know the person you are talking to even better.

Upgrading BaseChat – is it worth it?

Do you enjoy phone chats tailored to your needs? BaseChat offers paid upgrades for this. Whether it's worth it depends on your own intentions. If you want to pass your time on BaseChat, it is not recommended. If you use phone chat to make long-term contacts, it's worth taking a closer look at the upgrades:

  • Basic Supporter and Supreme Supporter: You get 5x faster contacts and make calls ad-free. Prices: 0.99 euros (24 hours) and 4.55 euros (one month).
  • VIP member with different terms. This means you can make calls with your preferred gender, get contacts 5x faster and make calls without advertising. Prices: 9.99 euros (24 hours), 19.99 euros (3 months), 79.99 euros (6 months).

If you dislike waiting times and advertising, the Basic or Supreme Supporter may be an option for you. Are you looking for a partner? In BaseChat the genders are relatively balanced. Men are a little in excess. You decide for yourself whether the high surcharge is worth it.

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