Shop and pay safely via classified ads, but how?

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Is classifieds the same as Ebay classifieds?

Ebay Kleinanzeigen, recently known as Kleinanzeigen after a rebranding, is the leading one Online classifieds portal in Germany that not only local transactions but also shipping items enabled. With the introduction of the “Buy Direct” feature The portal has developed further, but also offers space for new challenges. Fraudulent activities and the sometimes misleading naming of payment options can create uncertainty for buyers and sellers. You have to be even more careful when buying and selling used items on the platform so as not to fall victim to a scam.

Frauds and security risks

  • Locker offers and PayPal “Friend & Family”: Fraudulent activity on classified ads often begins with tempting offers to attract potential buyers. In particular, preferring to use PayPal “Friend & Family” as a payment method is extremely risky. This option offers no buyer protection whatsoever, meaning buyers have no way of reclaiming their money in the event of fraud. Distrust should immediately arise with sellers who vehemently insist on being paid via “Friend & Family”.
  • Security concerns with the online payment platform: The introduction of the new payment function via the “Online Payment Platform” can initially cause confusion. Users are asked to provide their account details to receive money. It is important to emphasize that this is the official payment service provider for classified ads. The process is secure, but the naming of the feature could be improved to create a better sense of trust among users. A clear name that highlights the connection to classifieds could increase adoption of this feature. Nevertheless, she has no concerns whatsoever.

To combat security risks, it is advisable to be careful with suspicious offers or overly demanding sellers. Consciously choosing payment methods with buyer protection and clear communication with sellers can help minimize potential fraud.

How to identify safe providers

  • Seller Profile Verification: Before completing a purchase, it is crucial to thoroughly review the seller profile. Reputable providers usually have positive reviews and a longer history on the platform. Looking at other buyers' experiences can provide valuable insight and help assess a seller's trustworthiness. A seller with a positive reputation and a proven history is more likely to ensure a smooth transaction.
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  • Communication and queries: The seller's willingness to answer questions and provide additional information about the item being offered is another sign of seriousness. A reputable seller recognizes the importance of open communication and is interested in addressing any potential uncertainties or concerns the buyer may have. Buyers should not hesitate to ask questions and ensure clear, understandable communication from the seller. The exchange of information helps to build a relationship of trust and strengthen the seriousness of the business transaction.
  • Images and product descriptions used: Reputable sellers tend to provide clear and detailed images of their products. Make sure that the product images are authentic and not copied from the internet. Likewise, product descriptions should be precise and complete. Be wary of offers that are missing important information and ask for additional details if necessary.
  • Choose meeting point for local deals: For local business, it is advisable to meet in public places to conduct the transaction. Avoid private meeting points and do not accept changes to the agreed meeting points to ensure additional security.

How to pay safely on classified ads

  • PUse ayPal buyer protection: PayPal offers effective buyer protection that protects buyers from fraudulent activities. Use this payment method if possible. Please ensure that you do not make payment via the Friends and Family feature as this does not provide buyer protection.
  • Transfers only if trustworthy: Bank transfers are a common payment method but should be treated with caution. Only initiate transfers if you trust the seller and/or, ideally, have already had positive experiences with them.
  • Avoiding advance payments: Avoid paying in advance, especially if the seller insists on it. Scammers often use this method to receive money without delivering the promised goods. Only pay once you have checked the goods.
  • Use secure online banking: If you use bank transfers or other online payment methods, make sure your online banking is secure. Enable two-factor authentication to protect your account from unauthorized access.
  • Check reviews and experiences from other buyers: Check out other buyers' reviews and experiences with the seller. This can help you better understand the seller's reliability and history on the platform.

The combination these safe payment methods and precautions contributes to a safe Shopping on classified advertising platforms and to minimize potential risks.

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