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Where do you enter the Amazon MyTV code?

The advantage of entering the Amazon MyTV code is that it eliminates the tedious task of typing in your access data Bypass the remote control and connect directly to your Amazon account, smart TV or TV stick can:

  1. Open the Amazon Video app: Launch the Amazon Video app on the desired device, be it your smart TV, streaming stick or other compatible platform.
  2. Select “Register on Prime website”: Within the Amazon Video app, select the “Register on Prime website” option. This step is crucial to receive your unique MyTV code.
  3. Enter registration code: Follow that Link provided hereto go to the MyTV registration page. If the link doesn't work, you can alternatively log into your Amazon account in your browser and then click there Search MyTV registration.
  4. Navigate to My Prime Video: In the top menu bar on the Amazon website, click on “My Prime Video”. This will take you to your Prime Video account settings.
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  6. Call up settings: Click the gear icon to open Prime Video settings. Here you have access to various options to manage your Prime Video account.
  7. Go to My Devices: In Settings, go to the “My Devices” section. Here you can view the list of devices connected to your Amazon account.
  8. Register another device: Select the “Register another device” option and then “Register a new device.” This will prepare your smart TV to be connected to your Amazon account.
  9. Enter MyTV code: The website will ask you to enter the code that was displayed on your smart TV. Enter this code carefully to complete the connection.
  10. Complete: Congratulations! Your Amazon account is now successfully connected to your TV. You can now easily access the entire Prime program, including films, series and other entertainment content.

With this detailed guide you can ensure that the connection between your Smart TV and Amazon Prime is carried out smoothly and easily via MyTV. Just make sure to complete the steps one at a time and enter the code precisely and correctly so that you don't have to repeat the entire process. This setup using the MyTV code also works with most devices compatible with “Amazon Prime Video”.

What are the advantages of registering with the MyTV code?

With the Amazon MyTV code you can Amazon customersConnect smart TVs, streaming sticks or other compatible devices to your Amazon account. This opens up many new possibilities and brings certain advantages.

  • Convenient registration: Instead of entering your email address and password via the remote control, entering the MyTV code allows for easy and user-friendly login on various devices.
  • Easy navigation and operation: Registering with the MyTV code makes it easier to navigate and operate the Amazon platform on your device. You can use the Amazon app and easily browse through the content without having to log in every time.
  • Content synchronization: After successfully logging in, customers are able to access a variety of content linked to their Amazon account. This includes films, series, music and other entertainment offerings.
  • Hassle-free Prime Video playback: The MyTV code makes it easier to access Amazon Prime Video. After successfully logging in, you can easily access Prime Video's extensive offering and play content without any problems.
  • Device linking: By entering the Amazon MyTV code, the corresponding device is linked to your Amazon account. This allows for seamless integration and access to your Amazon content.
  • Parental controls and profiles: Device linking also allows you to manage parental control settings and individual profiles for different users. This is particularly useful if multiple people use the same Amazon account.

Overall, Amazon's MyTV Code offers a convenient way to manage your devices and sign in to new ones. This means you always have a full overview of which devices, such as smart TVs, you are logged into with your Amazon and Prime Video account. New devices can be done like this register and connect ideally and quickly, without having to use the keyboard, remote control or controller.

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