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After a large-scale campaign against pirated copies, the popular forum, which was frequented by many users, was closed. basically worked like many other forums, but its main purpose was to To provide download links for films, series, books and similar content. Since most of the data shared on the platform copyrighted Works included, this led to the closure of the website. However, there are some successor websites that offer similar functions.

MyGully (

MyGully is a well-established platform that presents itself as Meeting point for exchanging software, games, films and e-books positioned. The website is characterized by a comprehensive collection of content that is constantly being expanded by the active community. Users can not only download content, but also discuss and receive support in the forums. MyGully is similar to in the wide range of content it offers and the committed user community.

DDL Warez (

DDL Warez is a specialized platform for

Direct downloads of software, films, series and more. The website is characterized by a clear structure that allows easy access to different categories. Regular updates and fast download options make DDL-Warez a popular destination for warez enthusiasts. Similar to, DDL-Warez offers a user-friendly interface and a extensive collection of warez. presents itself as another alternative with a wide range of software, games and more. The platform features well-organized categories that allow for easy navigation. The active community and forums offer users the opportunity to share their experiences and receive support. is similar to not only in name but also in functionalities, making it familiar to former users. is basically the unofficial successor to

Warez World (

Warez-World is a platform specifically focused on warez and a wide selection of applications, games, films and music offers. The website presents a clear interface that allows easy use and navigation through the different content categories. Similar to, Warez-World emphasizes extensive collection and easy accessibility as key features of the platform.

Legal alternatives to

As a result of technical developments in recent years, streaming portals on the Internet have...

The search for Alternatives to requires attention and Be careful, as many such platforms face legal risks. Users should be aware that illegal distribution of copyrighted content may result in criminal prosecution. The platforms mentioned are examples of forums on which you both can communicate legally with other users and exchange private content if you want, but also Upload and download illegal, copyrighted material and exchange with other users. The latter is strongly advised against, as distributing copyrighted content on such websites is punishable by law in Germany. Since both are possible on the sites presented here, you should only use them with extreme caution and only visit them for legal purposes.

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