WhatsApp: Find / create public groups

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WhatsApp groups exist for a variety of reasons. Families and groups of friends often enjoy not having to text everyone individually, and chat groups are also great for work or study. However, sometimes one would like to have a chat on a specific topic regardless of the members. This is where public WhatsApp groups come in.

Join groups by admin invite

The easiest way, one Whatsapp-Joining a group is when you already know someone in the group. Only an administrator can add new members. So someone in the group could give your number to the admin, who would then add you to the group.

Since the admin has to save your number for this, it is often quite cumbersome, since he does not want to use his contacts with people he does not know. That's why the administrator can simply generate a link. If you know this link, you only have to click on it to become a member of the corresponding group.

So the easiest way to become a group member is to get this link from an existing member and use it.

Public groups on WhatsApp through collection pages

When the admin generates a link to join the group, they usually trust that this link will only be shared with trusted people. This is especially important because anyone who joins the group can see the phone numbers of all members.

However, some groups are designed to be used publicly from the start - which all members should then know. Such groups post the joining link on collection sites such as Groupler or Groupster. On such sites, if you are looking for a group on a specific topic, you can type in a keyword Enter the search and then get the links to join WhatsApp groups that deal with the relevant topic occupy.

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Strictly speaking, there are no public groups on WhatsApp that can be found via the app's internal search, as is the case with Telegram, for example. Collector pages replace this, however. When you have found a group that meets your expectations, you can click on the link directly. This requires you to register on the site, so there is a small barrier to potential abuse. WhatsApp groups have a maximum of 256 members - otherwise there are no restrictions.

Strictly speaking, there is no difference between closed and public groups. Public only post the link in a public place. If you would like to set up a public group yourself, simply click on “new group” in WhatsApp add at least one person, create a link to join and post it on one of the above Pages.

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