Facebook Dating App: All information about flirting fun

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There is now an almost endless supply of dating apps for singles who are looking for adventure or who are looking for great love. The social network Facebook is now joining the ranks and with Facebook Dating would like to offer its own way of finding people with similar interests and preferences. Although Facebook is gradually disappearing from the focus of the younger population, it remains a good opportunity to meet new people and maybe even find love.

How do I enable Facebook Dating?

Facebook dating is not available in the browser of your desktop PC. It can only be used in the app, which is why you should download it onto your smartphone or tablet if you haven't already done so.

Once you've done that and logged in, you'll find a menu icon on the right above your news feed. After clicking there, you will also find the “Dating” option, among other ways to use Facebook. This is marked by a red-purple heart. Once you start Facebook Dating, you can enter your information and set who should see you. It is recommended to enter name and age as well as interests and place of residence.

After you have published your profile, you can start choosing from various potential partners right away. You will quickly find that the offer is too large to search specifically for the right person for you. Therefore, press the cog wheel for further settings and then under "Your Perfect Match" you can enter wishes that you have for the potential partner.

These include, for example, gender, size, age or appearance. But religion, languages ​​spoken, marital status or hobbies and interests can also limit the circle of possible partners.

If you want to delete your Facebook Dating profile, you can do this in the settings under the "General" tab.

How do I find a partner?

The number one basic problem for (almost) everyone who doesn't have one: how do you find the right one...

How is it used and what does it do?

Similar to many other dating apps, Facebook Dating lets you swipe people right or left depending on whether you're interested in connecting or not. If you are interested in a person and they are also interested in you, a match is created. Once you have a match, you can message each other to find out if you're a match.

The Facebook user group is now more in the 30s, which is why Facebook Dating offers little added value for younger people. However, people over 30 can look specifically for people who, like them, are in the middle of life.

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