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If you want to buy the Neptun 22 boat because you finally want to have your own sailboat, you should approach the purchase with care and caution. You should pay particular attention to this.

This is how you protect yourself from surprises when buying a boat.
This is how you protect yourself from surprises when buying a boat. © Helene_Souza / Pixelio

Asking first questions about Neptune 22

Overall, the boat Neptun 22 is considered a stable and indestructible boat. Nevertheless, there are a few things you should clarify the first time you contact us on the phone.

  • The most important question is why the boat is for sale. In the answer, you should pay attention to nuances because no one will tell you they are selling a boat because they are not happy with it. If the seller gives you more than two reasons to sell, you should be suspicious, because most of the time there is only one reason. Many (pretended) reasons are often only given when the real reason is not to be given.
  • By asking how long the boat has been for sale, you can estimate whether the price-performance ratio is right, because a good boat will also be sold quickly if the price is right.
  • Also ask about major repairs or other problems that have occurred with the boat and whether it has been driven in fresh or salt water. The operating hours are also of interest.

You should keep this in mind when viewing

  • Get a general picture of the condition. Wooden parts in particular reveal a lot about whether a boat has been cared for. Assume that if the parts that the previous owner kept in mind have not been cared for, the parts that he did not see all the time won't be any better. Since the Neptun has a GRP hull, this is usually fine.
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  • Look for "little things" like hinges and fittings. If, for example, the sword line is damaged and will soon tear, this means that the sword has to be removed completely in the dry.
  • You probably have an idea of ​​how the boat Neptun 22 should be built, what facilities and technology should be available. Think about how much you need to spend to get the boat in the desired condition.
  • If you like the boat overall, you should agree on the modalities for a test drive. Often a down payment or security deposit is required before you can drive the boat.
  • At the appointment, you should also clarify whether a trailer belongs to the boat. If so, take a close look at this one. Did he pass the HU?
  • If you have not bought the boat from a dealer with a guarantee or When buying appraisals, consider calling in an appraiser. Also keep in mind that neither you nor an appraiser will be able to estimate the value of the boat if it cannot be viewed from below. Agree who the costs for expert opinion and crane takes over. If you don't buy the Neptun 22, the appraisal is worthless to you, but it is of value to the seller.
  • If an appraisal is prepared or available, insist that it be given to you in the original upon purchase.

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