VIDEO: Open the .vdf file

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You can open the ".vdf" format with little effort. The file format stands for Virus Definition Format. Here you can read how to proceed.

.vdf files as virus definition files

The .vdf format is a virus definition format used by the Antivir company and the Antivirus program. Like other virus programs of this type, update files are responsible for keeping the programs up to date with regard to their detection capabilities.

  • All virus programs are useless in no time if not regularly updated.
  • Sometimes you have to put in updates several times a day to be really great. Anti-virus program manufacturers usually install or update their updates automatically 1-2 times a day. provide these updates.
  • Antivir can be updated both manually and automatically. The automatic update is preset. So unless you have any problems with the firewall or other system settings, you do not need a .vdf file.
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  • Otherwise, open .vdf files manually in the update area of ​​the anti-virus software. You do not open it directly, but you import it.

Open the file

You can open a .vdf file by loading it in the virus program:

  1. Open the antivirus program so that you can see the entire program.
  2. Now go to the "Manual update" item in the "Update" menu.
  3. Now choose the .vdf file and press "Open". Antivir provides several versions of .vdf files, so be sure to use the correct one.
  4. You have now successfully opened the file.