How do you do a nail tamponade?

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Ingrown toenails or fingernails can be very painful. Several methods, such as nail tamponade, are used to try to point the nail in the right direction. But how do you make a tamponade?

Ingrown nails can be painful.
Ingrown nails can be painful.

What you need:

  • Gauze fabric

When the nail grows in

  • A nail tamponade is what one makes in order to ingrown Toes- and getting your fingernails in the right direction.
  • Profuse sweating, shoes that are too tight, deformed nails or incorrect cutting are often the cause of nail ingrowth. If the corners of the nails are cut too short or too deep, the nail bed becomes narrower. Renewing nails then find no more space and grow into the tissue - a very painful affair, especially when ingrown nails are constantly inflammation of the nail bed cause.
  • Before doctors operate, they try conservative methods to master the situation. This includes tamponade, the use of orthonyxia braces or a butterfly tube. One of the most common methods, however, is tamponade.

This is how you do a nail tamponade

  • A nail tamponade is made with a piece of gauze that is rolled up into a small roll.
  • This small gauze roll is carefully pushed between the nail and the nail wall.
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  • It stays there until the nail grows in the right direction. The tamponade serves as a placeholder, so to speak. The butterfly hose works in a similar way.
  • Only when the conservative methods of butterfly tubing, gauze roll and orthonyxia brace do not help, does the surgeon reach for the knife and fix the problem.
  • If there are ingrown nails, state-approved podiatrists or doctors should look into the matter and begin the correct treatment. There is absolutely no point in tinkering with the nail yourself. This can potentially worsen the inflammation.

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