How do I flirt with a boy?

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Would you like to flirt with a boy and are not sure how to do it? Below are some suggestions on how to make flirting better.

Granted, flirting with a boy is not that easy. Often one lacks the courage or the right opportunity to do so. Here are some ideas on how to properly flirt with a boy and thus pique his interest.

How to flirt with a boy

  • If you are interested in a boy, you may find it difficult to approach him. But it doesn't need to. Think about it for yourself: You can easily get into conversation with boys you are not interested in. Why not transfer this ease to a conversation with your crush? You just have to make it clear to yourself that the boy you are interested in knows nothing about your interest and it will be much easier to start a conversation.
  • Definitely be yourself. The most important thing about flirting with a boy is that you don't pretend. Don't try to look fake, instead just be yourself. Naturalness is always the best way to score points with the opposite sex. And let's be honest: Do you want to pretend for the rest of your life, if it becomes one relationship should come?
  • When flirting, two things are particularly important: making yourself interesting and showing interest in your counterpart. But don't overdo either. When you start pestering your flirt partner, it quickly becomes extremely intrusive. If you talk too much about yourself, it will come across as too self-indulgent. So find a healthy balance between information that you want to pass on and questions that you absolutely want to ask. However, leave some secrets in the room. Anyone who reveals everything about themselves too quickly appears boring.

Note when to flirt so always that you approach your flirt partner in a relaxed and natural way. Arouse and show interest - at the same time. In no case do not be discouraged by a basket and do not crawl into your snail shell. Then the flirtation will surely work!

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