How do I formulate a letter from parents?

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Formulating a parenting letter is sure to occupy every teacher and educator at some point. A friendly, clear and not too formal expression is required.

A parenting letter should be clear, but not too formal.
A parenting letter should be clear, but not too formal.

How do you create a letter from parents? Both teachers and educators have to deal with this question. There are two ways to design such a letter, either as a general notice or as a personalized letter.

This is how a notice can be drawn up for all parents

  1. Before you start drafting a letter to parents, you should first consider what information you would like to pass on. Orientate yourself on the W-questions: Who, What, When, How, Where.
  2. A notice for all parents is particularly suitable when everyone needs to be addressed, but you do not need a personal answer from each individual parent, e.g. B. for excursions or offers that are optional with or information.
  3. Use a general but friendly form of address that does not sound too formal. "Dear parents" is the right choice in most cases.
  4. As a rule, in order to maintain a professional distance from parents, you should use the "you" form.
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  6. Alternatively, it can also be useful to formulate the letter from the children's point of view, e.g. B. when the children invite their parents to a party or a performance in the daycare center.
  7. Explain objectively and in short sentences which event you would like to draw attention to through the notice.
  8. You may mark the times and dates in color so that the notice stands out more visually.
  9. Do not forget to sign it so that the parents know who the letter came from and whom to contact if they have any questions.
  10. Place the notice in the entrance area or on the notice board. That is where it is most likely to be noticed.

Tips for designing personalized letters from parents

  • A personal salutation such as B. "Dear family xy" or "Dear Mrs. xy".
  • State your concern briefly and possibly point out that you need feedback.
  • To do this, make a section at the bottom of the letter that the children or parents have to return to school or daycare.
  • You should put envelopes in personalized letters from parents or at least roll them up so that not everyone can see them.

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