Kanekalon fibers for the hairline

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Kanekalon - these are Japanese synthetic fibers that have established themselves in wig production. The reason: The fibers make the hairline look natural despite their artificiality. But only if you properly care for the Kanekalon replacement hair.

Kanekalon production - hair-thin synthetic fibers for a natural hair look

Kanekalon is a mixture of PAN and PVC.

  • This mixture is used for safety. PAN itself is a flammable substance that a single spark can ignite. The PVC admixture regulates its easy flammability. The plastic becomes more suitable for everyday use.
  • Heat-resistant kanekalon wigs and hair pieces can even withstand temperatures of up to 120 degrees Celsius without damaging them. Unfortunately, there are differences in terms of temperature resistance. Therefore, you should always find out about the exact heat resistance from the manufacturer before buying.
  • The heart of every kanekalon production is extrusion. To make a wig from the plastic mixture, the liquid substance is pressed through nozzles. The pressed plastic then hardens in the water and is pulled into thin threads just before it solidifies.
  • These threads are so thin that Kanekalon can hardly be distinguished from real hair. Compared to a real hair wig, the fibers offer several advantages: They are significantly cheaper and at the same time more stable. Medium-length wigs are available from around 30 euros. Clip-ins are even cheaper. The stability ensures that kanekalon hairpieces can even be with you for a lifetime.
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However, a prerequisite for lifelong durability is an appropriate one care.

Hairpiece, extensions or wig - variants of Kanekalon

The best way to use Kanekalon depends heavily on your goals.

  • If you want to lengthen your hair with the fiber or want more volume, clip-ins are the first choice. You can even work in the clipped hair strands yourself and do so from the comfort of your own home.
  • If you want to hide bald spots, a clip-in solution can also be used. This is a good way to hide isolated bald spots on the back of the head. Especially if you decide to clip on wider hair pieces.
  • Wigs are better suited for retouching thin areas in the forehead area. A wig is also the choice if there is hardly any of your own human hair left. In order to incorporate the clip-in hairpieces, you need your own hair to clip on and conceal the clips.

You can find all variants on eBay. If you want to buy wigs, however, you should rather go to a local wig shop. Whichever solution you choose: When styling the hair replacement, you have to take a few special features into account.

Styling of Kanekalon fibers

The fact that Kanekalon is synthetic has an impact on care needs.

  • The fibers are dyed at the factory. Changes to the factory coloring are only possible with basic, cationic dyes, such as those found in felt-tip pens.
  • With hairpieces, you should therefore get exactly the color of your hair or dye your hair based on synthetic hair. Kanekalon extensions or clip-ins make one or two nuances of difference stand out. Anyone who opts for a wig does not have this problem, because your own hair is not visible to your counterpart.
  • To shape the wig or hairpiece, immerse the fibers in boiling hot water. If you want curls, twist the synthetic hair on curlers before taking the hot bath. If, on the other hand, you want light waves, then braid the fibers. To remove curls or waves, simply pull the hairpiece through the water again.
  • Caution: knots stay in the fiber. Therefore, you need to be calm and careful when styling. Comb the hair only when it is dry. But then quite often so that it keeps its shape.

In order for the synthetic hair to smell good, you must of course wash it regularly.

Kanekalon hair wash - this keeps the fiber fresh

Always buy shampoo products that are specially designed for Kanekalon laundry. This increases the durability of the fiber. Normal hair shampoo does not penetrate the fibers far enough and therefore does not clean them satisfactorily. Instead, it leaves an oily film on its surface that can hardly be removed.

  1. Comb the hair before washing.
  2. Prepare lukewarm water by dissolving the shampoo.
  3. Soak the hairpiece for half an hour.
  4. You are now rinsing the synthetic hair, but don't rub or mess the fibers.
  5. Renew the water in the bowl and add a care balm for synthetic fibers.
  6. Put the kanekalon hairpiece in the bath for a few minutes.
  7. You now take the synthetic hair out and squeeze it out, but don't wring it.
  8. The hair is now hung up and allowed to air dry.
  9. Once the plastic is dry, comb through it again.

If the synthetic hair can no longer be combed over time, you can help with oils for wigs. This increases your chances of combing and at the same time gives the fibers a shiny look.

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