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Crafting material for the Minecraft train

You need a cart, rails and pistons or Redstone - if you want to change the speed of the cart, also powered rails. Then you can build the Minecraft train.

  • You craft wagons by placing iron bars in the bottom row of the workbench and in the first and last fields of the middle row.
  • Rails are made from 6 iron bars in the first and last column of the workbench. Put a stick in the middle.
  • To make a piston, in the bottom row of the workbench, place a block of cobblestone, redstone, and then another block of cobblestone. In the next row you put paving stone, iron bars and another paving stone. Over it you need to put a number of wooden blocks.
  • Powered rails are made like rails - only from gold bars instead of iron. In addition, Redstone is placed in the middle field under the stick.
  • Minecraft: Use drive rails for trains - this is how it works

    If you want to build a small train in Minecraft, you can do it with drive rails ...

  • To activate the rail, you still need a switch that you craft from a stone block over which you place a stick.
  • If you want to use a detector rail, for example to trigger a switch, you have to build it this way. It works like a rail again, only instead of the stick you have to insert a pressure plate and redstone in the field below. This rail is triggered by a cart.

When you've made enough of the pieces, you're ready to start building the track in Minecraft kick off.

You have to keep this in mind when building the route

  • If there are enough slopes, you don't need a drive. The train also goes downhill like this. For the start or on inclines, however, powered rails are useful. You can activate the rails automatically via detector rails and redstone when the train comes rushing towards you.
  • When laying, you must note that rails automatically connect to form curves when you lay them next to each other.
  • Rails can only be laid in a north-south direction or in a west-east direction. So you can build in a straight line - not from west to north, for example.
  • If two rails cross, the rail that was laid first remains unchanged, the other is interrupted at that point. If your train travels north-south on a track that is interrupted by another track, it will turn east. If the west-east direction is interrupted, then you turn off this rail to the south.
  • If you build a curve and connect a rail to it, your train will drive straight onto this new rail. You can change the curve with Redstone and a switch and thus decide whether a lane should turn right or left as it approaches the T-junction.
  • You build a turnout by running two rails one block apart. At the point where one of the two rails ends, you need to make a curve with the other rail. After the curve, continue building with rails. These now run in the extension of the row of blocks that was between the two rails. You can then use a piston to move the curve so that it connects to the other rail of the two parallel rails, if you wish.

These are the most essential things to keep in mind when building a train in Minecraft.

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