My facebook doesn't work anymore

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For many Facebook followers the absolute worst-case scenario - "What to do if my Facebook no longer works?" Is the desperate question. But with a few tricks you can get the website tamed again.

What to do if my Facebook stops working

Facebook is probably the best known social network worldwide. Marc Zuckerberg, the inventor of the site, is celebrating huge successes with his development and millions of people are grateful to him for it and maintain their onlinecontacts. But like many other Internet sites, Facebook is not error-free either. So what can you do when the question arises: "What to do if Facebook stops working?"

  1. A method of getting back into yours FacebookAccount to come is to delete all cookies.
  2. Furthermore, you can try all the temporary ones Internet-Delete files and get your account up and running again. The CCleaner program is particularly suitable for this process. This automatically deletes cookies and temporary Internet files from your computer.
  3. If the aforementioned means do not work, try using a different Internet browser, as this too can possibly lead to problems.
  4. Another method to get Facebook up and running again is to use the key combination "ctrl + F5". Press the two buttons at the same time. With this combination, all elements of the website are automatically reloaded immediately.
  5. Facebook messages have stopped working - here's how to solve the problem

    After Facebook made some changes again, it happens more often ...

Another tip

Another tip that is not meant to be taken seriously: Close your internet browser and enjoy a day without Facebook. Go out there and meet yours friends. So the question comes up - "What to do if my Facebook stops working?" - not even open. Plus, you can still do all of the tips above the next day.

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