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Using the Facebook chat function, you can not only send smilies and certain special characters or symbols, but also display profile pictures and logos in the chat. You can find out how to do this here.

Use smilies in Facebook chat

If you over Facebook with one of your friends chat, you can use different ways of smilies, pictures or insert special characters and symbols.

  • The only requirement for this is that you have enabled Facebook chat and opened a chat window with one of your Facebook friends.
  • To do this, you only need to Click on "Go online" (if you are offline) and then click on a contact in the chat list.
  • If you have minimized the sidebar, you must first click on the "Chat" field at the bottom right.
  • You can then either send certain Facebook smilies Keyboard shortcut insert or special symbols or Special characters with a code over the Alt key create.
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Send profile pictures and logos

Alternatively, you also have the option of displaying the profile picture of a Facebook user or the logo of a company that has its own page on Facebook in the FacebookChat to ship.

  • All you need is the respective Facebook ID of the user or the company.
  • You can find this by doing the profile respectively. call up the history of the user or the company.
  • In the address line of your web browser you will find the respective ID behind the Facebook address. For example, if the address was "facebook.com/user_name", the ID would be "user_name".
  • If the Facebook user does not have the timeline, but should still be using the old Facebook profile, you have to enter the number combination that you put behind "profile.php?" id = "see, use as ID.
  • As soon as you have determined the Facebook ID, you only have to put it in the chat between two square brackets, for example write [[user_name]].
  • If you then send the message, the profile pictures or Logos displayed in Facebook chat.
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