Is the practical driving test tomorrow?

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Exams are a case in themselves. A widespread view is that it is only tested to determine how stress-resistant the examinee is. If one follows this thesis, the practical driving test is a more severe case, since theoretical knowledge is to be demonstrated in practical application at a certain point in time. And so many a learner driver spent his night wide awake and bathed in sweat in view of his driving test the next morning.

Think the driving test from the end.
Think the driving test from the end.

Practical driving test - visualize the requirements

  • A first step in keeping your nerve before a driving test is to be aware of what is expected. So ask yourself what you need to be able to do as a driver and which of them have already been checked. You have the theoretical one in a practical driving test test already passed. So you can assume that you have mastered the traffic rules. So realize that you can also build on services that have already been provided.
  • The practical driving test is not about knowing the right of way, but about being able to use this knowledge in the Road traffic apply. Please note that you often only have a fraction of a second to assess the specific situation and respond appropriately.
  • This means that in order to choose the right behavior, you cannot go through long thought processes, but must instinctively behave correctly. So your knowledge must have solidified in a different way than simply memorizing it. Use this knowledge for your self-confidence.
  • Your driving instructor has accompanied you on many practice drives and knows your driving behavior. So he knows that your theoretical knowledge "sits" in such a way that you have internalized it and that it has become a trained behavior that you call up more unconsciously than consciously. You should only worry about your knowledge of the traffic rules if you have noticed yourself that you are unsafe. Discuss this before registering for the practical driving test.
  • Be aware of your personal responsibility. Acquiring a driver's license is not a formality, where your work is done once you have passed the driving test. Year after year, many traffic fatalities show that of the ability to correctly use your driving skills and the particular situation to assess your life or that of your fellow human beings, and to master the traffic rules in driving practice depends.
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"Tomorrow is exam day" - helpful for the nerves

  • Even if Driving schools As a commercial enterprise, you are naturally interested in paying customers, the driving instructor is your ally on the day of the test. Ask him about tricks on how to calm yourself down. If he knows that you are nervous or even suffer from test anxiety, he can express this to the driving examiner and thus create a friendly atmosphere.
  • Many driving schools even give their students some privacy when taking the exam. This can consist, for example, in the learner driver playing his favorite music in the Car radio be allowed to hear (pay attention to the volume!) or put a "lucky charm" on the dashboard.
  • Do not react your stress on your surroundings or even on the accelerator during the test. Instead, use the principle of tension and relaxation. Use the evening before the exam for a little meditation.
  • To do this, lie down on the floor and be careful not to bump into anything. Put your arms at a slight angle next to your body and relax all muscles. Then wander through your body in your mind and tense all muscles from your feet to your face one after the other for a few seconds. When you relax the muscles, you will notice how comforting warmth prevails in the affected area of ​​the body, until finally the whole body feels warm.
  • Use this feeling of well-being for a short "dream trip" in which you transfer yourself to a place of your choice. Where were you last completely relaxed, calm and happy? Imagine this place and pay attention to the details. This way, the performance is particularly impressive. Then, as you slowly return, you will find that you have become more relaxed. This way you can sleep better at night. If necessary, repeat this brief meditation the next morning.
  • Chewing helps with the exam. The mouth is the only area of ​​the body that does not matter in the exam. So let him do it. A chewy candy or gum or a large piece of wine gum can help. However, make sure that whatever you eat fits a piece in your mouth and can also be processed there. You have to keep both hands on the wheel while driving or change gear with one free hand.
  • If you think about the outcome of the test, you are outsmarting yourself. The driving test then appears to you as something you have to do, not something that lies ahead of you. Do not worry about the risk of failing in the morning. This is not a catastrophe, but one of two scenarios for the outcome of the exam, and the more likely it is, the greater the fear of it.

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