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If you want to learn to write blindly and with ten fingers, you can do so during an apprenticeship as an office worker. As a normal consumer, you can get by with less manual dexterity. But you too can acquire the necessary skills.

Why learn to write on typewriters with ten fingers?

You need a certain dexterity if you want to whiz with all ten fingers over the keyboard of a typewriter or computer like a secretary in charge.

  • If you have a pendant the so-called Adler-Such-System and operate the keyboard with two fingers, you may find high-speed typing and touch typing superfluous. With a little practice you can of course also achieve certain speeds with the two-finger writing system.
  • PC software also helps you to enter words. The first time you press words, words are suggested that you can adopt by clicking on them.
  • But if you have not yet learned to write on a typewriter, you will not be able to realize the advantages of the ten-finger writing system. Sitting at the PC and looking only at the screen and not at the keys while typing is difficult to imagine.
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  • However, if you have to type sequences of letters on the computer with two fingers every day, not only do your eyes hurt over time, but your wrists as well.

Look only at the screen - not at the keyboard

  • When you can blind typing with ten fingers, focus on your thoughts. The fingers do the rest. Your eyes are not strained by constantly switching between the template, the keyboard and the screen.
  • Learning the ten-finger system will seem a little dreary to you. But with a daily practice time of around 30 minutes you will quickly master the system.
  • The course at a community college used to be called Typewriters. Today the offers are called ten-finger writing or typewriting. Many of these online offerings are free learning programs. If you need a teacher by the side or a group atmosphere, contact a community college.
  • You need a computer with a keyboard and an internet connection. Then you can start.
  • Find self-explanatory learning software such as Typewriting Course or The Writing Trainer. You can also go directly to the Internet for example Writing trainer online start with tutorial.
  • The finger plan shows you the finger position for the ten-finger system. In any case, your left hand remains on the left side of the keyboard, the right hand for the other side.
  • Keys F and J indicate a slight bump. Your left index finger is on the F key and your right index finger is on the J key.
  • Both thumbs remain on the space bar. The little finger of one hand is responsible for the shift key.

When learning to type, it is important that you practice daily. You will determine your progress with a 10-minute test. If you have tension, loosen your arms and hands by shaking them regularly and repeatedly.

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