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Fonic is a very popular mobile operator and offers its customers different tariffs to choose from. At Fonic you get a tariff without a contract and you don't have to pay a basic fee or make a minimum turnover. When you have received the new SIM card, you have to activate it first, because it is an inactive SIM.

The SIM card must first be activated.
The SIM card must first be activated.

The advantages for Fonic customers

  • The mobile phone provider Fonic offers you very cheap and transparent mobile phone tariffs, which have a number of advantages compared to a normal contract. With Fonic you do not have to pay a monthly fee and you can use your tariff without a minimum turnover and without a contract. You only pay money when you are using your cell phone or Smartphone make phone calls, use text messages or surf the Internet.
  • You keep an eye on your costs at all times and can query them relatively easily directly on your mobile phone or smartphone. You can even continue to use your old cell phone number at Fonic.
  • If you have decided on a Fonic tariff, you will receive your documents and, of course, a new SIM card within a very short time. However, this cannot simply be inserted into the mobile phone and used because it is an inactive SIM card. However, you can carry out the necessary activation yourself on your computer and then use the card directly.
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How to activate an inactive SIM card

  1. The Fonic SIM card is inactive and cannot be used for the time being. You can activate it in a few minutes and you need a computer with internet access. Keep your new Phone number and the activation number (this is on the back of your SIM card) ready and turn on your computer.
  2. Open an internet browser and visit the official Fonic website. Click on "Unlock SIM card" at the top right if you want to activate an inactive SIM card.
  3. Activate inactive SIM card - this is how it works

    You must have an inactive SIM card activated before you can use it. …

  4. A new screen appears and in this you have to enter your new telephone number in the first field and the activation number in the field below. Confirm your entries with "continue" and follow the further instructions.
  5. Your inactive SIM card will be activated in a few minutes after entering the correct data and you can use your new Fonic tariff without restrictions.
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