Work after vocational school

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First go to school for hours and then rush to the workbench? Some training companies demand a lot from their trainees. Your boss is not always allowed to let you work after your vocational school - because the Youth Labor Protection Act draws clear boundaries.

A day at vocational school can also be exhausting.
A day at vocational school can also be exhausting.

That Employment Law is characterized in Germany by numerous protective laws in favor of employees. This applies in particular to young people who are still developing and therefore need to be protected from being overwhelmed when working.

Regulations for the vocational school

  • In the Youth Employment Protection Act (JArbSchG) you will find, among other things, regulations on the maximum duration of the working time and during class times at the vocational school and work performance. Under no circumstances may you employ young people for more than eight and in exceptional cases eight and a half hours, see § 8 JArbSchG.
  • Since vocational training in Germany is carried out in two ways, the trainee has to go to school regularly on a weekly basis. In principle, the training company must release him for these school periods, see § 9 Para. 1 JArbSchG.
  • However, a day of class does not usually last the whole day. Some bosses therefore come up with the idea of ​​calling their trainees to work before or after the lessons. However, the Youth Labor Protection Act sets limits to this.
  • On a weekly day in the vocational school with more than five hours of lessons of 45 minutes each, an additional job in the company is ruled out. If the lesson is carried out in the block model and is 25 hours on five days of the week, further employment in the company is also excluded.
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Work before exams

  • Most trainees have to do a lot of research before taking an exam. It is therefore only fair if the day before the written final exam has to remain free, see § 10 para. 1 No. 2 JArbSchG. If the trainee has to take part in examinations that are carried out outside the company, he is also to be released from the employer and does not have to work.
  • Employers should also note that the rest or leisure time between two work shifts is longer for young people. According to § 13 JArbSchG, young people must have twelve hours of uninterrupted free time before they have to return to work.

Special protection rules apply to young people in labor law. These can be found in the Youth Labor Protection Act.

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