Bake in the microwave

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Would you like to bake a cake in the microwave? Then there are a few things you should pay attention to so that the cake is as delicious afterwards as it is in the oven.

The microwave as an oven replacement

The microwave was previously only used to dishes warm up, their diverse uses are now well known. This is not the only thing you can do in the microwave potatoes or rice cook, but actually too cake to bake. However, not every microwave is suitable for this: The device must have a so-called hot air function. This is usually present in devices that are a combination of microwave and grill. If you have such a device, you don't necessarily need an oven in the house. And you have the advantage that the microwave doesn't have to cool down too much after baking. But of course there are a few things you need to consider when you want to bake a cake in the microwave. You can read about them below.

How to bake in the microwave

  • If you want to bake in the microwave, you should definitely not just use a baking pan for the oven.
  • Instead, use special microwave dishes made of glass or silicone.
  • Also the Recipes for cakes in the microwave are different from those for the oven, so they are not one-to-one transferable.
  • If you want to bake a cake in the microwave, you should therefore first find a special recipe for it.
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  • Then you should also pay close attention to the cooking time. The time indicated in the recipe is always an average, but every microwave is different.
  • Therefore, take the cake out regularly while baking and test it for its consistency.
  • So that the cake from the microwave doesn't get too boring, you should take it out when the dough is still a little liquid. Usually he then bakes a little more.

If you stick to these tricks, nothing will go wrong and your microwave cake will be a complete success.

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