How long does cress take to grow?

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When it comes to the question of how long it takes for cress to grow, one should focus on the factors of germination and plant development. In order for the popular plant to develop optimally, you should adhere to the essential plant requirements so that the full taste can be expressed.

How long does cress take to germinate - what you need to know about growing

Like all plants, so are needed cress certain circumstances that facilitate germination and subsequent growth. How long it takes to break open the seed coats depends on the conditions.

  • Cress often germinates within a day, and some stragglers often only after three days, so that the plants can grow well after a maximum of three days after germination.
  • You should place the herb in a bright, sunny spot, as light and heat are essential factors in initiating germination.
  • You can use seed trays that you fill with potting soil to germinate and let the cress grow. For children, so-called `` plants '' are also suitable for getting to know the exciting plant growth. Cress animals. These are simply moistened and the seeds spread over them so that germination and growth can start quickly.

Influence the growth of the plant positively - measures

Regardless of how long the cress takes to germinate - you can optimize the yield before the plants start growing by promoting germination during the waiting time.

Pulling cress - this is how you can do it

Growing cress from seeds is easy! Within a few days you can ...

  • During the waiting time, you should make sure that you keep the cress seeds permanently moist, which should not be confused with completely wet, otherwise the seeds will rot.
  • So that you do not disturb the small plant seeds during the germination process, you should keep the cultivation container moist with a spray bottle so that they can Can supply the seeds with water via the fine spray mist on the soil substrate, these burst open and the seedling work its way up and grow can.
  • After the cress has grown, you should wait approx. 7 - 10 days cut them off with sharp scissors near the ground, you can eat the fine stalks without hesitation.

Since cress doesn't take long to germinate and grow and is ready to eat within a few days, you should keep the plant on the windowsill or in a bright, sunny spot so that you can harvest anew every day can.