Apply for care allowance for people with dementia

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Anyone with dementia in their family will certainly know how time-consuming and expensive care is. As honorable as it is to look after a family member, there is little time left to deal with work and other responsibilities. To fill this gap in care, you can apply for care allowance for people with dementia. You can find out how to do this below.

Relatives can receive care allowance.
Relatives can receive care allowance.

How to apply for financial assistance for people with dementia

  • You must first apply for the care allowance in order to receive it. To do this, contact the long-term care insurance company, which will be the regular Health insurance of the dementia patient. Here you can have application forms sent to you. Note that the dementia patient must submit the application himself, if he cannot, he can authorize another person to do so. In the application, you must state which service you would like.
  • You should know that long-term care insurance divides people with dementia into certain care levels. the Care level then has an impact on how high the services and how much time the personal support of a nursing service is. You can receive care allowance, benefits in kind, day care or night care from the care fund. Which of these you should choose carefully. Choose a stationary one careThis is how the nursing home receives the care allowance, if you care for the dementia patient at home, this is how you receive care allowance. You can also combine these two models.
  • In the application, you must state the treating doctor and release him from the obligation of medical confidentiality. The long-term care insurance can then ask the doctor about the severity of the dementia.
  • The long-term care insurance fund then has to process your application and find out which care level the dementia patient falls into. The state of health is then assessed for this purpose. The long-term care insurance will send you an employee of the medical service of the respective health insurance of the dementia patient.
  • In order to meet the assessment date, you can start a care diary a week in advance by noting the time it took to feed, wash and care for the person with dementia require.
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Choices in the care allowance

  • Anyone with dementia in their family can basically choose whether they want care allowance, care service or a combination service.
  • Please note that if you are a caring relative of a person with dementia, you are entitled to short-term care and preventive care in addition to the care allowance. This makes it easier for you to deal with a person with dementia, for example if you want to travel to recover from the stress.
  • Long-term care insurance protects you not only financially, but also socially, even if the scope is not very high for a low care level.
  • If you had to move to take care of someone with dementia, this is supported by long-term care insurance with a maximum of EUR 2,557 per year.

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