BMX tricks for beginners

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You have bought a cool, new BMX bike and now you want to really get started? If you follow a few tips and practice regularly, you too can soon learn a few tricks and impress your friends with them.

A jumping jack flashed with a BMX looks so inspired!
A jumping jack flashed with a BMX looks so inspired!

What you need:

  • BMX bike
  • persistence
  • Driving fun

Do you want to learn a few new tricks and have a lot of fun with your BMX bike? It's very easy to learn. All you need is a little perseverance, patience and, as a beginner, lots of fun practicing.

BMX basics for every beginner

  • Bunny Hop: Is every beginning difficult? They think! Easily start with a cool bunny hop. To do this, drive straight ahead, straighten your knees, pull up the handlebars, lean forward, and then pull up the rear wheel.
  • Wheely: Go straight, and then with your right foot up pull the handlebars up and put your weight on the center of the bike. All you have to do is keep your balance and of course not pull the handlebars too much so that you don't tip back or forward. If you briefly apply the rear brake, both wheels regain traction. This trick requires a good sense of balance.
  • Feeblestall: In this BMX trick you make a jump that ends with the front wheel on the ledge (wall) and the rear peg is also on the ledge. This trick was adopted from skateboarding. The name feeble (cowardly, weak) probably came about because this is the most risky variant of grind. This is because the front wheel rolls safely on the edge and you do not threaten to get stuck.
  • Grind: Grinds are the names of all the tricks that you can perform on your pegs (the axle-extending bars on the front and rear wheels)
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  • Quarter fakie: It means that you slowly go up a quarter pipe and then roll back down again without turning. Driving backwards turns a fakie off. The term is also used in skateboarding.
  • X-up or cross-up: One of the most popular tricks is the X-up, resp. Cross-up. Here you take a leap. You are driving over a hill and while in the air you turned the handlebars 180 degrees. Her poor then form an X, hence the name X-up. Don't forget to turn the handlebars back before you land, otherwise you risk a fall.

Have fun practicing!

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