How do I write a biography?

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Do you have an exciting life and would like to record the special moments, highs and lows in writing? Do you know people who can or have experienced exciting things? Are you fascinated by a celebrity and their career? Write a biography and record the exciting moments.

Put life in writing and write a biography
Put life in writing and write a biography

Writing a biography as a reflection of life

  • Why should you write a biography and let other people participate in your life? If you lead an exciting life, enjoy writing and put your thoughts and impressions on paper, why not write a biography.
  • A biography is one summary a phase of life or a career of your own or that of another person. In contrast, an autobiography is a writing about yourself with ups and downs - it is a reflection of your own life.

How to write a bio

  • When you write a biography, you are composing a picture of your own life (autobiography). You can also write about someone close to you from the acquaintance or choose a famous person.
  • Describe your biography from today's perspective, starting with your current life situation!
  • Pay particular attention to the central stages of your career and highlight special features. But also write on the ups and downs. Your lows in particular show your strength and perseverance on the way to what you are today. Write exciting and appealing!
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    Writing a book about your own life - an autobiography - is one ...

  • What would you have wanted to do differently? Are you happy with your life?
  • In the case of your own biography, reflect on your life and write down the most important stages for you. Limit yourself to the central stations of your life. Start with your current position: where are you today? How did you do that?

If you are not writing about yourself, then you need to worry about who to write about. Also think about why you choose this particular personality.

A biography about a friend, acquaintance, or family member

  • Would you like to write about someone special from your family or circle of friends?
  • Think about why it is worth reflecting on the person. Create interesting questions for an interview. Make sure to ask closed, half-open and open questions.
  • Open-ended questions give you room to gain even more information, while closed (semi-open) questions give you the opportunity to ask exactly what you want to know. In the interview, you can also ask further questions at interesting points in between. This is especially recommended to highlight the interesting things.
  • It is also good to let the person finish speaking or simply let them talk. This is a good way of working out the interests and preferences.

A biography about a famous person

  • Why do you want to write about this person?
  • Try to find out as much as you can about newspaper articles and the Internet.
  • Ask others what they think about the person.
  • Write down your résumé (biography) in a structured manner and think about your priorities. It is often sufficient to only highlight special phases of life that were characterized by commitment and career.
  • Be sure to write truthfully!

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