Dog howls for no reason

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Even if the dog howls for no reason in your eyes, there may well be a trigger for the animal that makes it howl. There are different things that the dog takes as an opportunity to do this, and often he just wants to draw attention to himself.

Most of the time there is a reason for the whining.
Most of the time there is a reason for the whining.

What you need:

  • Time
  • patience
  • attention
  • investigation
  • correct amount of feed
  • Possibly. vet
  • Animal therapist

Usually, from the dog's point of view, there is a reason why he is yelping. Then take some time for the animal and control various things that could be a trigger.

Look for a visible reason to yelp

  • Even if nothing serious happened at first glance, but the dog still howls, then you should check whether there are any recognizable reasons for it. Perhaps your dog has been hurt and is yelping about it. It is therefore better and also safer if you briefly examine the animal for visible wounds.
  • Look at all of the paws and check whether the dog has possibly hurt itself there or whether your pet has kicked its paw. On the occasion, also pay attention to the claws. It sometimes happens that the claws are too long and begin to break in one place, which can hurt the dog.
  • Also look in the mouth and ears when the dog howls. Often a splinter or something else gets stuck between the teeth and causes pain for the dog. Of course, this also applies to insect bites, which, however, are not always clearly visible.
  • The ears can also be a reason the dog howls. Dark build-up in the ear is a sign of ear mites, which can cause your dog to have painful inflammation of the ears.
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  • If you have not found any visible injuries and the dog is still whining for no apparent reason, then you should watch the animal for a while to better interpret its behavior can.

The dog howls for no apparent reason

  • If the dog is howling for no reason, then your pet may be feeling lonely. By howling, the dog draws your attention to this and tells you that he would like to spend more time with you. This can be the case when the animal is alone and you are out of the house, for example.
  • The dog often howls when he's hungry. So make absolutely sure that the dog has enough Lining receives. If he eats his bowl very quickly every time, then just put a little more food in the bowl the next time. If the animal can manage this amount as well, then increase the daily feed portion. If the dog no longer yelps, then the feeling of hunger was probably the reason.
  • During the next walk, see whether the dog can do its business without any problems. Constipation can cause severe abdominal pain in your dog and the dog will howl. But even a cystitis, in which your dog can never urine without pain, is very painful and can be a trigger when the dog howls.

Have the dog examined

  • If all of this is not the case and your dog is yelping for no reason, then you should definitely have the animal examined by a veterinarian if this behavior persists. Because only the veterinarian can examine the dog very carefully and rule out internal diseases.
  • However, if your dog has just got used to howling over time and does not want to abandon the behavior, then an animal trainer can help you so that the dog no longer howls for no reason. Many of these animal therapists also make house calls so that the problem and the dog can be treated in the immediate vicinity.

As a rule, a dog does not howl for an extended period of time for no reason. If the behavior persists, get professional help and support from the vet.

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