Use the HDMI Scart adapter correctly

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Almost all current multimedia devices only have one connection: HDMI. Not only is it significantly smaller and easier to lay than the old Scart plug. It also transmits high-resolution video and audio material together. But what to do if the television does not yet have HDMI inputs or if the old video recorder with Scart is to be connected to the television? There are adapters for these two connection formats, but there are a few things to consider here.

It doesn't work without an analog-to-digital converter.
It doesn't work without an analog-to-digital converter.

There are no simple HDMI to Scart adapters

There is no simple, mechanical adapter to connect HDMI and Scart.

  • This is due to the fact that these two connection types are supposed to process completely different electrical signals. HDMI is a digital data transmission, while Scart relies on analog data transmission.
  • So that an adapter from Scart to HDMI can work, the analog signal of the z. B. Video recorder, which is connected via Scart, can be converted into a digital signal so that it can then be output to the modern television via HDMI.
  • There are corresponding adapters with built-in A / D converters (analog-digital converters). These devices allow analog sources to be connected to digital target devices or vice versa. Only with such an adapter can you achieve good quality image and sound transmission.
  • Corresponding adapters are usually quite expensive and are significantly higher than those for a new DVD player that would be directly equipped with an HDMI connection. So think twice about whether you absolutely need such an adapter or whether you prefer to invest directly in a more modern device.
  • Use Scart to HDMI cable correctly - this is how it works

    The interface of the future is definitely HDMI. HDMI transmits high-resolution image ...

  • In any case, avoid buying adapters that apparently do not have any additional electronics built in and that advertise that it is just an adapter cable.
  • If this Scart to HDMIcable transmit anything at all, then only in very poor quality. This is where, if you really need a Scart to HDMI adapter, you should invest directly in high-quality products from brand manufacturers.

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